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How Long Should a Man’s Scarf Be?

By on February 11, 2013

Over the ages and throughout the lands, many people have asked: How long should a man’s scarf be? 

The answer is: A man’s scarf should be not too long and not too short.

It isn’t the length of the scarf that matters, it’s how you use it. And width is important too…

A scarf is too short if you loop it around your neck once and the ends are sitting awkwardly right below your shoulders, and a scarf is too long if you loop it around your neck twice and the ends are below the top of your thighs. Oddly, shorter scarves are often better a little thicker and wider, while really long ones can be a little thinner.

If you are wearing the scarf somewhat tucked-in to a jacket, you want the ends to fall not too far below the opening of the jacket, otherwise they will cause bulk in the jacket which is never a good look. See example below of a scarf correctly tucked into a jacket.

How long should a man's scarf be?

A casual scarf worn over a t-shirt or sweater should have the ends sitting anywhere between mid-chest and just below your belt after one or two loops around the neck (and they can hang unevenly).

man's casual scarf

How long should a men’s infinity scarf be?
If you are wearing an infinity scarf (otherwise known as a circle scarf or a snood), ensure it can loop comfortably around the neck twice and then still hang in a relaxed manner. You do not want to look strangled. That said, chunky wool infinity scarves tend to be shorter and envelop the neck more. See examples:

This man is wearing a loose hanging smooth infinity scarf.

man's loose infinity scarf


This man’s chunky knit infinity scarf is enveloping the neck, but note that he does not look strangled because it isn’t only around the neck, it is also over his chest.

Men's chunky infinity scarf



Another common question is: Can a man’s scarf have tassels?
Yes, absolutely a man’s scarf can have tassels, just note that if the tassels are a longer than an inch or so they might easily tangle, and scarf tassel detangling may become a part of your life.

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And bonus: How a man should tie a scarf – curtesy of Men’s Style Digest:

How a man should tie a scarf

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